How to Add Value to Your Home With a New Bathroom

Adding a new or additional Bathroom is a great way of adding extra value to your home.

And if your looking to sell your home, simply updating its bathroom suite will make it more salable.

By kitting out your existing Bathroom with new titles, a new sink and other fittings, it can go a long way to adding several thousands of pounds to the value of your property. Of course, a new Bathroom is great for you personally if you’ll be using it, and York & Young can supply all your Bathroom needs.

According to the Nationwide Building Society, adding a second bathroom or en suit can add 5% to your property’s value. But be aware – common sense is required to decide what is best for you. If you’ve only got one Bathroom in your home, but have five-bedrooms, it may be viable for you to convert one of the bedrooms into an extra Bathroom. However, it wouldn’t be wise to convert a two or three-bedroom property with one bathroom into a one or two-bedroom property with two bathrooms.