What To Consider When Choosing A Bath

With the wide variety of Baths available nowadays it can be a tough task choosing the right bath. However, at York&Young Bathrooms Liverpool we understand that different baths suit different bathrooms, so when deciding which bath to buy, there are things you need to take into consideration.

The size of your bathroom

It is important to take the size of your bathroom into consideration when choosing your new bath. If you have a smaller bathroom, we have a range of compact baths that would be perfect for your bathroom. Available in a variety of superb styles, there is no need to compromise style when space is limited. Our compact baths are available in different types such as corner, shower bath and freestanding. They have functionality reminiscent of larger baths but a specifically designed with the smaller bathroom in mind.

Need a shower but lack space? Our collection of Shower baths are perfect for for those who require both a shower and a bath but have a smaller bathroom.

The shape of your bathroom

Awkwardly-shaped Bathrooms used to be a problem for the bath buyer – but not any more. Corner bathrooms are ideal for smaller bathrooms but also bathrooms sporting an unusual shape. They are available in a range of different styles to ensure they compliment the many different designs and shapes of bathroom.

Who will be using the Bath?

Straight baths are a good choice for families with young children, as their practicality allows you to wash your kids easily. Available in a variety of sizes, this type of Bath is very popular amongst buyers. Double ended baths have also grown in popularity due to their modern look and spacious feel, but also because of their suitability for families with young children. Contrastingly, if a freestanding bath is your preference, be cautious, as – due to often exposed pipework – this not may be the best option if you have young children.

Remember to consider whether the bath will be large enough for those intending to use it to, indeed, use it. Large adults will need a larger sized bath, so if your Bathroom is on the smaller side – perhaps you should investigate whether purchasing a shower would be a more viable option.


Consider your budget when choosing your bath. With a larger budget, why not add more than a touch of class to your Bathroom by opting for a luxury Bath; adding quality to the focal point of your bathroom. Freestanding baths can provide this and more; and are available in either contemporary or more traditional styles to suit bathroom requirements. This – and the fact they are available in a variety of shapes and sizes – allows excellent choice for the buyer.

New bathroom, on a budget but need a shower as well as a bath? Cleverly designed with expert functionality and superb manufacturing, shower baths are perfect for those who lack space or are on a budget.

Ready to chose your perfect Bath? Visit us at York&Young Bathrooms; 314-320 Smithdown Road, Liverpool L15 5AJ, where our staff will be more than happy to assist you should you need our seasoned help and advice.