Bathroom Designs for Assisted Living & the Handicapped

With Britain’s population ageing, an increasing number of people will be in assisted living. Well-designed bathrooms are imperative to ensuring the elderly are comfortable and remain independent.

The challenges that an ageing population brings to society are not simply related to social policy and health care; bathroom design poses an additional challenge. As one of the most well respected and oldest Bathroom companies in the NorthWest, York&Young are no stranger to providing bathrooms for those who are in assisted living and those who are handicapped.

In 20 years time, one third of Britons wil be aged 60 or over. And it’s not just in Briton, many other countries in Europe will be in a similar position. Over time, the number of people suffering from chronic diseases will increase dramatically. Chronic conditions already account for up to 80% of the UK’s healthcare spending.

All this poses an increasing emphasis in ensuring bathrooms are designed properly. The bathroom is regarded as the room that poses the greatest physical challenge. Residents must stand up, sit down, rodate and bend over in this room. It’s thought of as the most dangerous room in the house because using showers and toilets poses a risk; residents can easily slip and fall. Falls are a leading cause of accidental death for people aged 75.

Up to 40% of an older population may depend on a wheelchair, four-pronged cane or a walking stick to help them get around. We need to ensure for these customers that their bathroom is suitability designed for their needs; it’s so important that it is accessibile.

What makes a Bathroom accessible?

Accessible bathrooms will boast features such as wide doors, lower counter tops, lever and loop handles, seats at bathroom fixtures, plenty of grab bars, switches and controls within easy reach and clear space for a wheelchair to turn around.

When designing the shower, we have to take into consideration whether there would be enough space for a carer to be present. We may look to install a larger shower tray and a divider for the shower itself.

It’s important that we install bathroom fittings that are safe and minimise risk. Scalding is an important issue – it’s a danger to the young and the old. Therefore we look to ensure that no taps get dangerously hot and that everything is clear and easy to use.

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