Making A Smaller Bathroom Feel Bigger

Everybody knows that the bathroom is a very special place within the home, but not everyone is blessed with the biggest of bathroom spaces. Nevertheless, there are many ways to make a bathroom that is on the smaller side seem much bigger.

As Liverpool bathroom designers, we’re faced with creating outstanding bathrooms for rooms of all shapes and sizes. We know all the tips and tricks to utilise space in the best way, with practicality and aesthetics key to our design thought processes.

Using Colours Within The Bathroom

There will always be a temptation to add lots of colour to a bathroom design, but it’s important to know that it doesn’t actually take that much colour to bring a bathroom to life. Using the right colours is essential as each colour can contribute differently to an overall bathroom design.

Using lighter, paler, softer colours can help make a bathroom feel a lot larger. Darker colours in a living room can work well and make a room feel cozy, intimate and warm, but using darker, stronger colours in a bathroom can often make it look and feel smaller and even claustrophobic. Whites, pastel tones and neutral shades can really work well in a bathroom. We’re talking about walls, floors, tiles, everything!

A Brighter Room is a Bigger One

Adding extra, attractive lighting to a bathroom can not only add to the appeal of the design, but make the room brighter and therefore look and feel bigger. Installing wall sconces are a great way to bring additional light into the bathroom, although skylights and spotlights are other great options. But be careful – if you’re looking to make a smaller sized bathroom feel more spacious, it’s important not to take up any counter space with this additional lighting, otherwise the room can feel cramped and look cluttered.

Mirrors Can Make a Bathroom Feel Bigger

Mirrors reflect light and are a great physical way to make a room seem much bigger. We love and recommend using big (if there’s room), bold mirrors – you can even choose mirrors with lights in.

Removing Unnecessary Furniture & Accessories

It may seem obvious, but removing needless furniture and accessories can really help make a bathroom look and feel bigger.

Perhaps there is that one item that stands out a lot more than the others and makes the room feel a bit cluttered – the room even seems to shrink. Getting rid of this item can really help. Removing hanging racks, shelves and even decorative wall accessories that make the room look smaller is an option. We’re not saying to strip the bathroom bare, but if you need the space and want the bathroom to look bigger, removing unnecessary items and eliminating clutter can make a real difference.

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