Choosing Window Coverings for The Bathroom

We’ve been designing bathrooms for decades, which is why customers often ask us for advice concerning bathroom window coverings. We’re always happy to help.

Bathroom privacy is incredibly important, and whilst curtains and blinds can be used to maximise privacy, there’s a couple of factors that need to be taken into consideration when choosing the ideal bathroom window coverings.

Window Coverings Should Last

Curtains can look great, providing a soft, indulgent look in a bathroom. However, they can soak up water, and they don’t allow natural light to enter the room when they are closed for privacy. This is why many people opt for blinds in the bathroom, with Roman Blinds a popular – but not necessarily wise – choice.

Both are decorative and provide that soft look – a focal point even – but the fabrics used for both roman blinds and curtains can deteriorate more quickly when in a bathroom environment. This is because the temperature of the room combined with condensation and steam causes curtains and this type of blind to wear away. The moisture in the steam is absorbed, often causing mildew and mould to appear over time. It’s not very nice.

Venetian Blind

This is why we would always recommend Shutters and metal Venetian blinds as bathroom window covering solutions. These are two types of blinds that are highly durable and are generally manufactured to last. We wouldn’t recommend wood venetian blinds though, as we’ve found that these can be prone to flaking and can eventually split when used in bathroom environments.

Style With Substance: Maximum Privacy & Control

Metal Venetians are contemporary and can be purchased in many different colours so there is always something to suit your bathroom perfectly. They also allow complete control over privacy and the light that enters the room: They can be closed to a degree that still allows light to enter the room whilst maintaining privacy – and they last for years. Shutters are another bathroom window covering solution. They’re very practical and as they look more traditional, offer a great alternative to the modern mental venetian blind.

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