Choosing Between a Shower & a Bath Tub

Sometimes it’s not possible to have both a shower enclosure and a bath tub at home. This could be for financial reasons, due to a lack of space or simply because one is generally preferred over the other. If you’re stuck for choice and need to opt for one, there’s a few things you can consider.

Bath Tubs:

Bath tubs have been a feature in the home (to some degree) for centuries and the first recorded instances of bathing dates back to 3300 BC. The bath tub is a place that you can relax, so after a long day when you’re tired, it’s the place to be.

They’re very safe – but one downside of the bath tub is that they use so much more water than showers. This means they are not particularly eco-friendly. They also take up significant space within the bathroom and so opting for a bath tub in a small bathroom may not be wise.

Aesthetically, baths can look beautiful in a well designed bathroom as they act as an incredible focal point. In a large bathroom, a quality bath can look outstanding. If you enjoy relaxing, have a lot of time on your hands and have a decent sized budget, then a bath can make a wise choice.


Showers are generally perceived as less relaxing but are very functional and practical. Then again, some people prefer taking a shower because they believe it is more relaxing – it feels like bathing in rain.

When being clean is important but you have a lack of time, a shower is the way to go. People can spend a few minutes getting clean in the shower wheres they can lose track of time and spend ages in the bath tub.

Showers are very sophisticated these days; you can change the temperature of the water and the level of spray power. They’re also very modern and attractive; their beautiful glass doors and designs can look stunning in any bathroom.

Showers are more easier to clean than baths, saving more time, and are generally less expensive than baths.

If you see getting clean as more of a chore – something that has to be done – have less space in the bathroom and a smaller budget then a shower can be a more appropriate choice.