Potential 2014 Bathroom Trends

We’ve explored some of the hottest trends in bathroom design in 2014 – and whilst old favourites such as chrome taps, white corner bathtubs and mirrored storage cabinets beat on as strong as ever, there’s lots of new design trends for 2014.

a) The Use of Black & Bold Contrasting Colours in Bathrooms

Whilst so many of us are fans of simple, contemporary, bright and airy bathroom designs, one trend for 2014 is adding a bold contrast to an otherwise neutral looking bathroom. Consider integrating the use of black into bathroom design. This could be by adding black taps, lighting, tiles or even bathtubs. Against lighter coloured walls and white bathroom features, the aforementioned taps, lighting, tiles or bathrooms become a strong focal point.

b) Walk-in Showers  

The ‘seamless’ look is one that a lot of people are going for in 2014 when it comes to showers. Flooring runs into the shower, and there’s no shower curb. This clean look contributes to beautiful bathroom design – a sleek, functional bathroom that can also look bigger than it is. Whilst we’re talking about showers, we also expect frameless showers to be a trend during 2014.

c) Rounded Edges & Curves 

In the past, clean, straight cut lines have been in demand when it comes to bathroom design. The trend in 2014 is curves – and rounded edges. They look sleek and elegant. This trend sees freestanding curved baths and similarly styled hand basins, as well as floor length mirrors and accessories..

d) Dark Wood Flooring

This is one trend we LOVE. This style of flooring can not only add impeccable warmth to the bathroom, but also help to make other elements including fixtures and fittings within the bathroom stand out more than ever. A floor of this nature is versatile and suits contemporary, modern bathrooms as well as more traditional designs. They are stylish and can even make the room look bigger – providing that the rest of the room – such as the walls – are lighter. With darker walls though, the bathroom can look incredible cosy.

e) Matte Tiles 

White, water-resistant tiles have always been incredibly popular in bathroom design – timeless even. But for a change in 2014, consider the use of matte tiles. These contemporary looking tiles look fabulous and are available in various shades of grey leading up to the deepest of blacks. They can add a lot of character to a bathroom.