York & Young In KBB Review Magazine

York & Young was recently recently featured in an article in KBB Review magazine, our article reads:

“Business is good, it’s really buoyant just now because of our location. We’re in Wavertree, three miles from the centre. Our site used to be the Dutch Café, where Lennon and McCartney used to go. Penny Lane is just round the corner.

We have parking and we’re on a busy road. It’s family-oriented and with similar businesses nearby. We have affordable housing in the area, but we’ve also just had a guy coming in to pick up a toilet seat for a Liverpool player. A couple of players have even visited our trade counter.

The recession hasn’t harmed us, but we’ve looked hard at costs. We’re seeing customers over 40 mostly. We’re not seeing younger customers, although that age group is slowly coming back. Our advertising and marketing spend is focused on the internet and our website. We used to do the local papers, but many of them have gone. We do still aim for local business, however.

We’re a supply-only business and there are few days without at least a couple of deliveries. We recommend experts to fit. Our take is: when you fit the job, you own it for life. Suppliers? Some are proactive and some have lost their way. We sell a lot more furniture and a lot more glass products – customers are happy to uprate from 6mm to 10mm.” – Source KBB Review Magazine

We’d like to thank KBB Review for featuring us in their magazine.