We’re Now Offering A CAD Design Service

We’re delighted to announce that we’re now offering a CAD design service. CAD or “computer-aided design” is becoming more and more popular in the bathroom industry. CAD allows our customers to preview their finished bathroom and can instantly give an instant indication of any issues there may be in regards to the layout such as something being too close to a door for example.

In addition to live three dimensional tours of the bathroom, the CAD software can also produce high quality true-to-life snapshots and well detailed two dimensional plans from multiple elevations, which is also useful for bathroom fitters. Another great feature of this software is that it actively pulls in three dimensional models from most of the manufacturers we work with, allowing our customers to see what certain products will look like, and how well they’ll fit into the bathroom.

These are just some of the excellent features of the CAD system we’re now working with, so pop into our showroom today at 314-320 Smithdown Road to find out more about our CAD design service and for a free, no obligation bathroom quotation.