Features & Benefits of Digital Showers

Currently in our showroom at 314-320 Smithdown Road, we are displaying several different digital shower systems by the well-known digital shower manufacturer Aqualisa. Digital showers have been around for some time and many people are a little hesitant to switch to a digital shower system. In this article, we aim to explain the primary differences and the features and benefits that come with digital shower systems.

When seeing one of Aqualisa’s digital showers for the first time, likely the first thing you’ll notice is how compact the controls are. One of the biggest advantages with digital showers is that the valve doesn’t have to be behind the wall or even in the room. The controls for the shower are completely separate from the main valve, meaning that the valve can be placed somewhere convenient. The most common places being in the attic or in the nearest airing cupboard. Another advantage to having the shower controls separate from the valve is that secondary controls can be added. Aqualisa provide both wired and wireless controls so that the shower can be operated outside of the showering area prior to getting into the shower.

Aqualisa Digital Shower

Another fantastic advantage is that the valve is very precise in regards to temperatures. The valve has an electronic device known as a thermistor which gives the shower controls an accurate reading on the temperature, allowing you to adjust your shower temperature with a greater deal of precision. Because digital shower controls are not in direct contact with the valve, the controls are always cool to the touch which is excellent for families, the shower temperature is also factory set by Aqualisa to 45°C allowing for greater peace of mind in regards to family safety, these factory settings can be overridden prior to installation if a greater temperature is required. Additionally there are other useful adjustments that can be performed on digital shower systems such as the ability to enable an eco mode that reduces the flow of water to allow for greater water and energy savings.

Many of the digital shower systems from Aqualisa also feature illuminated controls that give a clear visual representation of flow and temperature information. Another  useful feature is the ability to create shower profiles to remember individual showering preferences. For example, you like your shower on a medium temperature with full flow from the large fixed head but another person prefers a high temperature from the hand shower, each individual can add their own preset, so you press number 1 and the shower remembers your exact preferences from last time, the other person presses number 2 and their exact preferences are remembered from last time.

So these features and benefits along with many more are what make digital showers a  more seamless showering experience. The key point to keep in mind when it comes to digital showers is that ultimately, they still function like a normal shower valve.

Be sure to pop into our showroom today to check out our digital showers from Aqualisa and many other great products we have to offer.

Please note that the features mentioned above do not apply to all digital showers. Only select models provide certain features.