Bathroom FAQ: Basin Click Waste vs. Flip Waste?

There are numerous types of basin wastes these days, besides traditional plug and chain wastes and pop up basin wastes, the two most popular choices today are click and flip wastes.

Both wastes perform exactly the same function of allowing the basin to drain, both are typically made out of chrome or gold plated brass, both are usually available in slotted or unslotted versions to suit the overflow (or lack thereof) of the basin, and both types usually do not differ much in price. Of course many of these points depend on the range and manufacturer.

Operating a click waste is a simple process of pressing firmly on top of the waste to seal and unseal the basin, this waste is typically called a click waste due to the audible click heard when operating the mechanism. A flip waste on the other hand simply swivels to seal and unseal the basin. Here are some key points to keep in mind when choosing a waste for your basin.

1. Reliability.

Arguably, there is less to go wrong with a flip waste, when taking into account that there is only one moving part. On the other hand a click waste features a spring-loaded locking mechanism which can over time deteriorate with dirt, debris and limescale getting caught inside of it. A common occurrence is for toothpaste particles to become lodged inside of the mechanism, this can usually be solved by simply screwing off the top of the waste and applying lubricating grease or oil to the mechanism. It is worth keeping in mind that both wastes are designed for a long service life and if installed properly from the start, changing a waste in future is a quick and easy job.

2. Openings.

There is usually a noticeable difference in the size of the openings to let the water out of the basin on both wastes. The opening on a click waste is just underneath and around the top (when open) and usually is only a few millimeters. On the other hand when a flip waste is fully open the central “disc” is pointed vertically and the openings are at the sides of this disc. These openings are usually substantially larger than on the click waste. This isn’t necessarily a bad point as it means a basin with a flip waste may drain faster than one with a click waste, but there is an increased chance of loosing something small down a flip waste such as a piece of jewellery.

3. Convenience.

One of the advantages of a click waste is the option for a hair trap. These wastes are usually called easy-clean click wastes. With this type of click waste the entire central section can be removed and there is a filter attached to the underside of the waste which hair and other debris is caught in. This allows for easy cleaning of the waste and reduces the likeliness of anything clogging up the trap or waste pipe underneath.

So to sum-up, both types of wastes have their advantages and disadvantages, but ultimately it’s your choice and personal preference. To see both of these wastes in action, visit our showroom or plumbing and heating counter today at 314-320 Smithdown Road.

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Arcade Bathroom Products – Available at York & Young

Arcade bathroom products are available to purchase at York & Young.

“A new range of exquisite bathroom pieces with a unique Belle Époque appearance – designed to bridge the gap between today’s modern minimalist and yesterday’s period pieces. Arcade includes beautifully crafted ceramic sanitary ware, decadent free-standing baths and superb showering masterpieces set either as freestanding options on luxury traditional feet, or within a bath. Every piece is lovingly crafted and hand finished with exceptional care using the finest materials and manufacturing processes. Outstanding fittings and accessories in a nickel finish complete the luxury concept and set the range apart as the most acclaimed in bathroom styling.” – Source: Bathroom Brands Website

Arcade Bathroom Products

Arcade is part of Bathroom Brands Plc who are also the parent company of other well known brands of bathroom equipment that we can provide such as Burlington, Britton and Clearwater, all of which are also well known for their high quality and great style.

We’re currently displaying Arcade bathroom equipment in a few of our showroom bays and we’re also displaying many of the accessories from Arcade. Pop into our showroom today to check out what we have on display and to find out more about all of the other great products we have to offer.



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New To The Showroom: Nuance Wall Panels by Bushboard

We’re now displaying the stunning Nuance wall panels by Bushboard in our showroom.

“Whether your look is traditional, modern or contemporary, there is a design that will work for you. From large scale luxury granites and marbles, to pearlescent flecked stones, the designs are guaranteed to create luxurious and long-lasting style. With Nuance you are assured of long term quality and a 15 year guarantee. Our panels are uniquely made without wood, using a patented polyurethane core impervious to water. And with postformed finished edges and our specialist colour matched technical adhesive there are no extrusions – just a seamless expanse of decorative design.” – Source: Bushboard Website

The Nuance wall panels are available in 25 different designs including granite and marble materials. They’re also available in 6 different textures, 5 wall panel components for added flexibility and lower costs, there are 21 matching worktops and upstands available for a truly seamless look and they’re completely waterproof.

To check out the wall panels for yourself, and check out all of the other great products we have to offer, pop into our showroom today at 314-320 Smithdown Road.

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Where’s Our Windmill Gone?

If you’ve recently visited our shop, or perhaps if you were just passing, you may have noticed that the iconic Dutch Cafe windmill above our shop is no longer there. Don’t panic, it’s not gone forever! We’re currently in the process of having the windmill refurbished and we’re expecting to have our windmill reinstalled in the next couple of weeks. Here’s some of the history of the Dutch Cafe:

The Old Dutch Cafe was also known by some as “Frank’s Cafe” and “Dutch Eddies”, the cafe was a popular place where Paul McCartney and John Lennon would meet (circa 1958). It is believed that The Beatles played pinball in the rear room! Best friend of John Lennon, Pete Shotton became a partner in the Dutch Cafe at this time. It was ran by Frank and Bette Morris until they retired in 1972.

To find out more of the history of our shop and to checkout our selection of great products, pop into our showroom today at 314-320 Smithdown Road.

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Plumbing FAQ: Why is my lever flush toilet not flushing properly?

This can be one of the most irritating plumbing problems that many come across and there’s usually a fairly straightforward solution. The most common type of flush apparatus inside of a lever flush cistern is called a syphon. Inside of this syphon is usually a central “plunger” which has a transparent plastic gasket at the bottom of it, this is referred to as the diaphragm washer. The most common shape of this washer is an oblong shape, however there are many different toilet cisterns and syphons that use round, square, “D” shaped and many other different shapes of washer. The shape of the washer can typically be determined by the shape of the housing at the base of the syphon which will be the same shape as the diaphragm washer.

It is this diaphragm washer that is usually the cause of problems when flushing the toilet. Over time the diaphragm washer starts to develop small tears in it’s surface, as the toilet continues to be flushed these small tears then turn into large holes in the diaphragm washer, causing the syphon to not draw up a sufficient amount of water from the cistern, resulting in a weak flush and sometimes a completely absent flush if the diaphragm washer is very damaged. Replacement diaphragm washers are usually available to be purchased separately, however in some cases there’s a deeper problem with the syphon or a replacement diaphragm washer cannot be sourced. In such a case a replacement syphon may be required.

The diaphragm washer is usually an easy part to replace, but sometimes it can be a bit more difficult. There are usually few different types of syphon a one part toilet syphon or a two or three part toilet syphon. Replacing a diaphragm washer on a one part toilet syphon can be a bit more difficult than on the other two types. This is because with a one part syphon you’ll more than likely have to physically remove the cistern from the toilet pan, which also involves isolating the water supply to your cistern. With a two or three part syphon, the part which houses the diaphragm washer can be removed from the central “stem” of the syphon, allowing you with much greater ease to replace the washer without removing the cistern.

The other type of lever flush apparatus commonly found in toilet cisterns is the lever flush flapper valve, it is extremely unlikely to experience problems with these valves as they are effectively a plug and chain mounted on a hinge at the bottom of the cistern with a rubber seal around it and an overflow tube, the only problem that usually occurs with these valves is the valve not sealing itself properly after the toilet has flushed. This would not cause a problem when flushing the toilet however, but rather water would continue trickling into the pan once the toilet has flushed – check out our advice regarding this problem by clicking here.

There are many different types of syphon from a number of different manufacturers and it can be difficult to identify which part you need for which syphon. For more advice and to check out the extensive range of bathroom, plumbing and heating consumables that we stock, visit out shop today at 314-320 Smithdown Road.

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