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Add a Finishing Touch With Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom accessories are a great way to add a finishing touch to your bathroom. Accessories can add an element of style whilst adding to the practicality of your bathroom.

In our showroom, we work with several bathroom accessory manufacturers including Inda, HiB, Roper Rhodes, Phoenix and more, to bring you great accessories such as robe hooks available in single, double and triple, soap dishes, tumblers and holders available in both single and double, liquid soap dispensers, towel arms, rails and rings also available in both single or double, spare toilet roll holders and toilet roll holders with and without covers and available recessed, surface mounted and freestanding, toilet brushes and toilet brush holders, glass shelves, soap and sponge baskets and shelves, mirrors, grab bars including grab bars that double up as towel rails, soap holders, stools, shower seats, hairdryers, retractable clothes lines, corner foot rests, paper towel dispensers, door stoppers, and many more.

Many of these accessories are wall mounted to save on floor space and can be installed with both standard wall screws or adhesive specially formulated and provided by the manufacturer for easy installation. Some of these accessories can also be combined too, such as a freestanding toilet roll holder combined with a toilet brush and holder which can save on valuable space and save on drilling additional holes in tiles or grout.

Many of these accessories are also available in both chrome and gold finishes to complement any existing bathroom fixtures and fittings. Bathroom mirrors can also be a great way to create the illusion of more space and can add useful functions such as sockets for electric shavers, lighting, radios, and a bluetooth speaker for your smartphone or any other bluetooth enabled device.

To check out the bathroom accessories we have on display along with all of the other great products we have to offer, and any for any additional information, feel free to pop into our showroom today.


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