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Comfort Height Toilets – The Benefits

Many of our customers ask us what the benefits of comfort height toilets are, and whether or not they should purchase a comfort height toilet or a standard height toilet. Obviously at the end of the day it comes down to personal preference and what your requirements are.

There are many different comfort height toilet ranges from many different manufacturers, some of our bestsellers include the likes of the Roca Colina, the Vitra S50, the Tavistock Micra and the R2 Nashville, so there is definitely becoming more and more of a choice when it comes to comfort height toilets.

The primary difference between a comfort height and standard height toilet is typically just the height of the pan. A standard pan height is around 400mm (15.74″), whereas a comfort height pan height is around 480mm (18.89″) – the example used here is from the standard and comfort height versions of the Vitra S50 pan (not including seat).

One of the main benefits of comfort height toilets is that as the nation gets older, solutions like this can help make life easier. The manufacturer Roca state on their Colina toilet “designed to sit slightly higher that a standard pan making it a more comfortable solution for taller people as well as those with back or joint problems.” - Source: Roca

So for most, particularly the elderly, those with physical ailments, and taller individuals, a comfort height toilet might be the way to go. Our best advice to our customers is to sit on both comfort height and standard height toilets to ultimately decide whether or not a comfort height toilet is the way to go.

To check out our standard and comfort height toilets and to check out all of the other great products we offer, pop into our showroom today.


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