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HiB Bathroom Extractor Fans - Available to Order

HiB has been our go-to manufacturer for some time for stylish and reliable extractor fans.

HiB's extractor fan range includes wall mounted and ceiling mounted options, there's also ceiling mounted versions with built-in LED spotlights.

Our best selling models lately has been the Breeze fan with it's sleek and discreet appearance, and the Hush fan with it's ultra-quiet operation.

All of HiB's fans can be specified as basic on / off versions and timed / humidity sensor versions.

"When you invest in a premium bathroom, you want the assurance that it will continue to look fresh and new in the years to come. This is why a quality ventilation system is advised.

A build-up of steam and poor ventilation can cause a number of problems. These range from unsightly mould, to problematic damp and serious structural damage.

With these concerns in mind, we developed a range of design-led ventilation products that prevent an unhealthy build-up of condensation without compromising your style." - Source: HiB


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