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Matki Bathroom Products - Available at York & Young

Matki is one of our favourite bathroom brands in our showroom. Matki has true, proven brand quality, and stunning design.

Matki's product portfolio features a huge selection of designs, configurations and sizes to suit every taste. Matki also offer a bespoke service offering products made to your specifications; something which is extremely rare in the industry.

All of Matki's bathroom products are available at York & Young, including shower enclosures, trays and brassware.

"At Matki we adopt a completely design-lead approach, creating products which are different by design and endure in style and performance.

Our in-house design team has a high degree of expertise in designing bathroom products and have experience across the varied UK Design scene.

Matki is an innovator in bathroom product design and we are constantly focused on creating products which will look and perform better, last longer and be easier to use and maintain.

Every Shower Enclosure, Shower Tray and Shower Valve is designed by Matki in the United Kingdom." - Source: Matki


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