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Should You Purchase a Modern or Traditional Bathroom Suite?

There is about an equal divide between those who prefer traditional style bathroom equipment and modern style bathroom equipment. Whilst the basic function between the two are more or less the same, the style of let’s say a Burlington freestanding slipper bath and a Victoria + Albert Mozzano freestanding bath are miles apart. One of the main things to think about is that some ranges crossover between both traditional and modern (this is sometimes referred to as “transitional style”), such as some of the sanitaryware ranges by Sottini for example. And some ranges by manufacturers are just nondescript alltogether and are neither ultra modern or extremely traditional. Of course, whilst neither of these styles are inherently better than one another, it does raise the question; what are the main advantages and disadvantages between these two styles?

Traditional Style Advantages:

  • Timeless style. Won’t date as quickly as some ultra modern styles (or doesn’t date at all!), less worry about it going “out of fashion”.

  • Traditional styles can often create a more “warm” and “welcoming” look.

  • Often draws focus on smaller, intricately designed items. Such as chrome engraved traditional bath feet for example.

  • Can often be more versatile if existing bathroom features such as tiles are not ultra-modern.

Traditional Style Disadvantages:

  • Some traditional designs may lack the practicality of a more modern design. Some of these may include the more ergonomic designs of modern basin mixer taps, versus the traditional cross head hot and cold basin taps (although traditional basin mixers are also available), lever flush cisterns may not seem as practical as a simple push button to some (again, some traditional ranges do offer a push button option), and the potential of more trapped dirt and debris on traditional style sanitaryware due to more ridges, crevices and lines as a result of some traditional design cues.

  • Some designs may look “overcomplicated” and may lack the the elegance factor of some ultra-modern designs.

Modern Style Advantages:

  • Often a sleek, minimalist design. Can bring a light and airy feel to a room.

  • Arguably more design choice, from a reasonably modern design like the Roca Laura range, to the high end, ultra-modern design of the Villeroy & Boch Memento for example.

  • Can be more ergonomic and practical than some traditional designs as mentioned in the disadvantages of traditional styles.

Modern Style Disadvantages:

  • Some designs can date quickly and become “out of fashion”. Some examples could include the likes of patterned glass on bath screens and shower enclosures, which were popular up until a few years ago, or extremely round “arc” like sanitaryware, whereas more square sanitaryware is popular at the moment.

  • Some high end ultra-modern designs can be significantly more expensive than some traditional ranges due to branding and the engineering required to make an item look and feel as sleek and minimalist as possible.

Ultimately it’s your decision whether to go modern or traditional, but these are some good points to keep in mind when deciding which style to go for and if you can’t decide between the two, some modern and traditional styles work brilliantly together creating the “transitional” style mentioned previously.

For more information and to check out our modern and traditional bathroom equipment, feel free to pop in to our showroom today.


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