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Shower Boards - Available at York & Young

Shower boards are becoming a more and more popular choice for our customers. They are an excellent alternative to tiles and are very versatile. They can be used as intended - just in the showering area in combination with tiles in the rest of the bathroom or with painted walls, they can also be used for full bathrooms or just for features such as splashbacks and bath panels.

The boards are incredibly easy to keep clean due to there being no grout lines, and are built to last - either made from marine plywood or a composite resin material, so you can rest assured they won't warp or distort.

Our two main shower board ranges are Multipanel by Grant Westfield and Nuance by Bushboard.

Multipanel shower boards are made from marine plywood and are available in a huge selection of finishes available and the edges can be finished off nicely with trims in a variety of colours, the most popular being polished silver.

"It is now easier than ever to create vibrant bathrooms with quick and easy to install wall panels that brighten up your home. Multipanel bathroom wall panels are an affordable alternative to tiles and are completely grout-free, making them the simplest way to keep wet environments hygienic and clean. With a wide range of colours, textures and finishes to choose from, our modern wall panels are designed to suit any room’s décor and shape.

All wall panel joints are sealed with silicone to create your completely waterproof bathroom, wet room, kitchen or shower area. Our shower panels can be applied to timber battens or directly bonded to interior surfaces, positioned with durable aluminium sections for quick and easy installation. Hydrolock tongue and groove technology connects the wall panels with an extremely tight, almost seamless joint. Our Tile Wall range brings classic finesse of ceramic wall tiles without the stress of grout." - Source: Multipanel

The Nuance shower boards are made from a composite resin type material. These boards are also available in a number of different finishes and can be finished off nicely with what we call in the industry "post-formed edges" which basically means the edges of the boards are curved.

"Nuance is our award winning bathroom wall panel system, created for showers, wetrooms and around the bath. The designs are not just beautiful to look at but uncompromisingly high performance and easy maintenance too, as it’s uniquely fitted without extrusions and 100% waterproof guaranteed.

It’s what bathrooms have been waiting for!" - Source: Bushboard

Visit our showroom today to see the shower boards and all of the other great products we have on display.


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